Michael Keaton Feeling Obliged To Give Money To Fans

resizedimageMichael Keaton wants to give money to fans. Keaton is one of my favorite actors and this time of year you can see him in Jack Frost, what a wonderful Christmas story, i cry every time I watch it. Well with a long career of movies such as Beetlejuice, Batman and more he is feeling obliged to pass some of his hard, earned money out to his thankful supportive fans.

He said:

”It’s kind of amazing that people are sticking by me. When they come up to me in the street, I just want to write them cheques.”

The star, who is sixty three years old also admitted that he feels relieved and pleased that although he has made his fair share of mistakes his fans continue on supporting him.

He continued: [Read more...]

Sofia Vergara Is Desperate To Halt Ageing Process

resizedimageSofia Vergara desperately wishes to slow down the signs of ageing. She is a Colombian-American actress and model. She is very well known for appearing in The Smurfs and Happy Feet Two says if it would help at all she would cement around her eyes. The forty two year old star is recognized as one of the Hollywood’s most attractive women reveals that she has constant worry about what her appearance looks like but most, how she will age.

She explained:

”I don’t want to age! If you said applying cement around my eyes would stop wrinkles, I would do it.”

She says that it was when she was in her twenties when she felt at her most attractive and youthful. It was at the age of eighteen when she first married however she is divorced now.

She shared with the January issue of New Beauty magazine:

”Youth makes everyone look good. I used to have to take care of fewer things.”

She is now in a relationship with ‘True Blood’ star Joe Manganiello and reveals she has also been conscious about her style,

she’s been wearing perfume since infancy.

She said:

”I’m serious. There’s baby cologne in Latin America.”

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Naomi Watts Hoping To Age Gracefully

resizedimage (1)Naomi Watts wants to age gracefully. Forty six year old Home and Away actress reveals that it is not easy to watch our own self grow older, the British actress. has hopes to grow gracefully saying the thought of having cosmetic surgery is not ruled out because she is not sure ear how she will feel about it in the future.

The ‘While We’re Young’ star said:

”I don’t have any judgment about [plastic surgery]; whoever makes that choice, that’s fine.”

”It’s not easy watching yourself get older, but when I look at two women in their fifties or sixties or seventies side by side, one who’s had surgery and one who hasn’t, I think one likes themselves a lot more and one looks more dignified and graceful.

”And I hope I get to stay being that woman. But I would never say ‘never.’ ”

The actress and actor forty seven year old Liev Schreiber has children, sons Sasha, seven, and Kai, six, says there is a lot of pressure on the actress to appear youthful in Hollywood. She had mentioned that she felt shocked that actress Renée Zellweger had been given critism

after she displayed an astonishingly different look on the red carpet earlier this year.

She told the February issue of the UK’s InStyle magazine:

”[The backlash] was cruel and unnecessary. I saw a picture and I thought she looked great! She looked amazing! Leave her alone! You can’t win can you?”

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Mel B Reportedly Leaves Home Stephen Belafonte Share Over Marital Problems

resizedimageMel B reportedly moves out of. The former Spice Girl (Scary Spice) has over suggested abuse rumours. Following seven years of marriage to Stephen Belafonte, she has made the decision to walk out. because of Internet rumours of domestic abuse, the Sun Newspaper has reported.

Rumors started spreading online on Sunday, Dec. 14, when Mel appeared on the UK’s X Factor finale show, having missed the semi-finals the night before due to an unspecified illness.

When the feisty northerner appeared on the show without her wedding ring and sporting what looked like bruises on her face and arms, worried fans began speculating about the “real” cause of her absence. As Us Weekly previously reported, for his part, Belafonte responded to comments made on Twitter, denying allegations and calling them “disgusting” and “untrue”.

But according to the Sun,

the former Spice Girl has now left the London home she shared with the American director, and sources have confirmed to Us that luggage and boxes were being taken away from the house on Monday, Dec. 15.

One source told Us the duo have always had a “volatile” relationship, while another revealed the X Factor judge was in tears during commercial breaks for the hugely popular TV finale show.

Mel B’s sister Danielle Brown added fuel to the rumors, by tweeting out a series of increasingly desperate messages during her sister’s mystery illness, threatening to go to the press with recordings of what she called “abusive” phone calls Belafonte had allegedly made to Mel in the past week, unless she and her mom were able to contact the singer, or at least find out what was wrong with her.

Mel B’S Rep could not be reached for comment.

Also about Mel B, Her other relationships, she was married to Dutch dancer Jimmy Gulzar, they have a daughter called Phoenix Chi Gulzar, but they are divorced. She reportedly also had a four year relationship with a woman. Then she married Stephen Belafonte and they have a daughter Madison together. She is also the stepmother to Belafonte’s daughter, Giselle Belafonte. And one more thing she reportedly had a botched laser eye surgery which blinded her in one eye.

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David Bowie Rejected A Chance To Collaborate With Coldplay

resizedimageDavid Bowie rejected Coldplay collaboration. Bowie, an English singer became a major figure in the world of popular music for over four decades and what the sixty seven year old has decided to do is turn down the chance to collaborate with the British rock band formed in by lead vocalist Chris Martin and lead guitarist Jonny Buckland. It was during a video tribute at the BBC Music Awards, Coldplay’s lead singer Chris Martin mentioned to Bowie had not been too impressed by the track they proposed for him.

Thirty seven year old Martin said,

”One time I sent [Bowie] a song to ask him to sing on it… he called me and said, ‘It’s not one of your best’.

”He’s got very high standards and I appreciate that. It inspires the rest of us to keep our standards high.”

What’s more, Chris revealed himself to be a huge fan of Bowie’s latest album ‘The Next Day’, which includes the single ‘Where Are We Now?’.

He shared: [Read more...]

Ryan Seacrest Has Confirmed That ‘American Idol’ Scaled Down Once Weekly

resizedimageyan Seacrest has made confirmation that the Reality Show American Idol will air once a week next year. He is the popular host of American Idol, as well as On Air with Ryan Seacrest, reveals once the season gets into the top ten there will be no result shows.

“American Idol” will air one night a week when it returns to FOX next year. While walking the red carpet at the Z100 Jingle Ball in New York on Friday night, December 12, Ryan Seacrest revealed that there would be no results shows once the season gets into its top 10.

“There won’t be a ‘wait ’til tomorrow night,’ ” the singing competition’s longtime host said as quoted by The Hollywood Reporter. “There won’t be a ‘Coming up, coming up, coming up.’ We are going to put it all into one format in one night. So that will be exciting.”

“[It will be] one night when we get to the final stage, the top ten, there will be one night of performances and results all in one night,” he added.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015 the fourteenth season of tech reality show will begin. Judges include Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr., replacing Randy Jackson will be Scott Borchetta as a mentor.

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Oprah Winfrey Says That She Has No Regrets That She Chose A Career Over Children

resizedimageOprah Winfrey says that she has no regrets that she chose a career over children. She is longtime talk show host, best known for her won show called the Oprah Winfrey Show was the highest-rated program of its kind in history. During a sit down with Barbara Walters she revealed that not having children s not a regret of hers.

Winfrey made the list of Walters,

“Most Fascinating People” for the fourth time, and sat down with the legendary interviewer to reveal why she is okay with choosing her career over having a family with longtime love Stedman Graham.

“I could not have had the life or the career in the way that I had it if I’d chosen to have children,” Winfrey revealed.

She also gave an explanation to why her relationship with Graham has endured for 28 years.

“As we grow together, as we get older together, he becomes a more affirming and more loving part of my life than he’s ever been,” Winfrey revealed to Walters.

She has been a mother-figure to Graham’s daughter, Wendy, from his first marriage.

Winfrey once stated on her talk show,

“If I had kids, my kids would hate me. They would have ended up on the equivalent of the ‘Oprah’ show talking about me; because something [in my life] would have had to suffer and it would’ve probably been them.”

Despite not having children of her own, Winfrey has long been involved in children’s causes and has championed children’s rights on her talk show. She also founded the Oprah Winfrey School for Girls in South Africa, and refers to those girls as her “children.”

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Whoopi Goldberg Clears The Air ‘Over ‘Bout Of Flatulence’ Incident

resizedimageWhoopi Goldberg has cleared the air. The popular talk show host and the actress of the hit movie Ghost says she did not ‘fart’ while on The View’. The fifty nine year old,

appeared to let rip on the.

US talk show on Wednesday, December 12, 2014 during a ‘Hot Topics’ debate,

in which singer Ashanti was discussing whether or not she thinks people should get a flu jab but insists the audible noise that disrupted the debate was an unusual sound effect that she quickly made a joke about.

She said:

“There was a sound effect that we had never heard before. I’m thinking, ‘Damn, that’s weird, what can I do?’ Oh, I know! I’m gonna pretend I let a little something go. As a joke.” “Now, these folks are emailing people, running up on people saying, ‘How do you feel about the fart that Whoopi did on ‘The View’?’ It’s a joke!

“I know you think that I don’t [make jokes] any more, I do, I make funnies. I don’t fart on air for real!”

Goldberg was previously reported to have broke wind in 2011 when she was sitting n a couch along with Claire Danes and fellow host Joy Behar

and though her co-star appeared offended by a putrid pong, the actress insists that too was a joke.

On the show yesterday (11.12.14), she added:

This is the second time I’ve covered something like this because sometimes I hear something and I think, ‘Oh, we got to do something to get attention from it,’ and so I try to move it and that’s the fastest ’cause the fart joke works [instantly] like that.

“So everybody relax, I didn’t fart on air, it was a joke.”

The mysterious farting incident this week happened after a camera was firmly focused on Ashanti when a sudden explosion of air could be heard.

Whoopi then sat in her seat looking sheepish and embarrassingly said: “Excuse me! Oooh, oooh.”

The panel and studio audience erupted into a gale of laughter and Whoopi then stood up, put her hand in the air and said: “Hold on for a minute.”

Whoopi’s fellow panellist Rosie O’Donnell then walked around the desk and started to jokingly wave her hands up and down in a desperate attempt to rid the studio of Whoopi’s whiffy wind.

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