Katie-Holmes People Shouldn’t ”Underestimate” Her!

UntitledKatie Holmes feels ‘tough’. The star, ho was first recognized for her role in Dawson’s Creek says, yes she can be tough when the time is needed. The Abandon actress, who is thirty five years old and divorced actor Tom Cruise in 2012 getting sole custody of their eighty year old daughter, Suri Cruise says believe me hen I say this don’t ”underestimate” her, Asked if she is anything like the bad girl she plays in her new movie,

‘Miss Meadows,’ the brunette beauty told E! News: ”I don’t have a drawer full of weapons in my house if that’s what you’re asking, but I can be tough when I need to be.”

She added:

”I’m an Ohio girl. Don’t underestimate us.”

She is now residing in New York city with her daughter after her sudden breakup to Cruise and she is looking forward to celebrating Mother’s Day with her. She said:

”I’ve always loved New York and I’ve spent so much time here so many times in my adult life. I have spent more and more time here recently obviously, and yeah I do feel like a New Yorker. I love New York and New Yorkers have really been so kind to myself and my little one, and I just appreciate it. There are so many moments that you have in this city that you connect with all different walks of life and it really means everything.”

She said:

”I’m one of four girls, I’ve a bunch of aunts and cousins, so Mother’s Day is a really big deal. My sisters and I are starting to figure out a plan for ourselves. It’s fun, I always love Mother’s Day.”

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‘Maroon 5′ Adam Levine Gushes Over Gwen Stefani

resizedimageAdam Levine gushes about Gwen Stefani. The lead vocalist of the pop rock band Maroon 5 and Country singer Blake Shelton are just thrilled that talk is going around that she may join the now seventh season of The Voice USA, he is hopes she signs a deal soon. It is said that the forty forty year old singer is in her final negotiations in replacing singer Christina Aguilera. Aguilera would like to take time to focus on her pregnancy as she is expecting her second child. The sho is to start filming in June.

He told E! News:

”If there were a person named Gwen Stefani, who was great… if there was a person named Gwen Stefani that was going to be on the show, that happened to also be the singer in No Doubt, a fashion icon, and many other wonderful things, I think if that were to happen that would be great. But I can’t say whether or not that is true.”

Country singer Blake added:

”I think she would probably be a great addition to this show.”

Carson Daly, the sho’s host also hopes that the star, who gave birth to her third son in February will be joining the panel of judges. He said:

”She’s awesome. I hope it’s true. Nothing’s confirmed, but if that’s the case, should there be fire behind the smoke, we should be so lucky! She’s one of my favourite people and one of my favourite artists, but more importantly I think she would be a great fit for our family.”

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Kirsten Dunst Isn’t Worried About Money!

Bc_tcdKCIAA_KWOKirsten Dunst has no worries when it comes to money. Dunst became popular with roles such as Small Soldiers and Bring It On and she never does when it comes to making money. She has done much more than this, and although she used to get help from her mother with what roles to take, she now says she can make those decisions on her own for which ones are more suited for her. She said:

”I’m too old to be swayed in any way now.

”She sees that I do these indie films and she’s like, ‘I don’t understand why these people [reality TV stars] make so much money and you don’t’. I’m like, ‘Mum, I’m an artist, I want a career path that will last. Relax. We’re OK.”

The actress, who is now thirty one years old, got her first break on a TV advert at the age of three says when she was teen she didn’t’t make her career as big as it was as she didn’t wanted to be singled out by bullies. She explained to Harper’s Bazaar:

”I actually underplayed myself [at school] because I didn’t want to be a target. The fact that I was an actress made me nervous. I never wanted to be called names or anything. I was afraid of that.”

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Courteney Cox, Snow Patrol Guitarist No Rush To Marry

Cougar_town_cox_300Courteney Cox says she won’t rush into marriage. The former Friends star reportedly is quite serious with Johnny McDaid, however they both say there is no need to rush into marriage. The Scream actress ho met McDaid through Ed Sheeran recently moved together in Malibu. Cox was previous married to Arquette, and she said it is not time to remarry.

A source said:

”She is just being in love.”

Thirty seven year old McDaid, is a Snow Patrol rocker and forty nine year old Cox will be heading to the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City on April 24, 2014, where her directorial debut, ‘Just Before I Go,’ will be screened for the first time.

The insider told Us Weekly magazine: ”His support means so much to her.”

Although now plans of marriage are being spoke about, her friend Ed has said it would be no surprise to him if they exchange vows one day. Asked if he thinks they will marry, the ‘A Team’ hitmaker said:

”I wouldn’t be surprised, but it’s still early days.

”They certainly enjoy each other’s company and feel very comfortable with each other.”

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Ivanka Trump Fit And Trim Tummy Shape Magazine

resizedimageIvanka Trump shows fit and trim bod in Shape Magazine. It has been just six months since the thirty two has given birth. The businesswoman, writer and heiress now has two children and she flaunts her post baby body for the May issue. She is the daughter of Donald Trump and the question is how did she take of thirty pounds of pregnancy weight. She talks how her perspective of food changes when she became pregnant the first time around with her now two-year-daughter.

 ”I ate like a teenager,” she admits of her lifestyle before motherhood.

“Carbs three meals a day, usually in the form of pizza or pasta. But when I was expecting Arabella, my attitude toward food changed, and I began thinking about nutrition in a whole new way. I pushed myself to eat more lean protein, primarily chicken and salmon. Slowly I started to actually enjoy, if not crave, these healthier options.”

However Trump reveals she doesn’t always follow a strict diet.

“I have no problem with the occasional indulgence and still thoroughly relish it,” she shares.

And for work out routine, she tells Shape that she likes to incorporate exercise in which she can spend time with husband, Jared Kushner, Arabella and the couple’s newest addition, son Joseph.

“When I was in my 20s, I felt guilty if I didn’t exercise — now I feel guilty if I do,” she reveals.

“Even if it’s just an hour, that’s time I could be spending with my family. So rather than beat myself up, I find things that I like to do with them instead.”

When Trump does put aside time for just herself, she attends spin classes, does yoga and has sessions with her personal trainer, Rhonda Malkin.

“I try to incorporate a little bit here and there,” she says.

“I’ll take the stairs instead of the elevator, or when I’m on a phone call, I’ll do squats or pace the room while I’m talking. We’re modern women! We have to figure out how to make it work, right?”

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Robin Roberts Praises Partner Amber Laign Helping Through Her Cancer Fight!

article_2606002_1D24FCD400000578_112_634x859_jpgRobin Roberts has praised her partner for getting her through her Cancer battle. The popular television broadcaster does to Amber Laign. The fifty three year old Good Morning America anchor and Cancer survivor has spoke out exclusively in this week’s issue of PEOPLE  about the challenges that she had to face and how people around helped her, including her partner of nine years thirty nine year old Laign, who got her through it with love.

After facing the fight of her life against a blood and bone-marrow disease, Roberts is not only still standing, she’s got a new spring in her step.

“I’ve got my mojo back!” she tells PEOPLE. She marvels at how far she’s come since undergoing a bone-marrow transplant in September 2012. “I’m so much stronger now,” she says.

Sitting down with PEOPLE to discuss her upcoming memoir, Everybody’s Got Something, Roberts spoke more openly than ever before about her diagnosis –

“A doctor told me that I only had one to two years to live without a transplant” – and the people in her life “who loved her through it.” Notable among them is Laign, a licensed massage therapist whom she first named as her girlfriend in a Facebook post in December. “I felt that I love [my viewers] enough to let them know everything about me,” Roberts explains. She also wanted to acknowledge the key role Laign played as her caregiver: “She was there, holding my hand, helping me. I have this person in my life. I love her that much, to let people know that.”

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‘Hawaii Five’ O Star Alex O’Loughlin Secretly Weds In Hawaii!

UntitledAlex O’Laoughlin has secretly wed. The Australian actor, who at this time is playing the part of  Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett in TV series Hawaii Five-O has to model and surfer Malia Jones. It has been confirmed that the Oyster Farm star and Jones exchanged vows together in Hawaii. O’Loughlin’s representative has confirmed to People that it was a quiet ceremony with his baby mama Jones, Hawaii is where the couple is residing.

Thirty seven year  old O’Loughlin and Jones, thirty seven were first spotted together in January, 2102 and last October they welcomed their first child together a son called Lion. Also he has a teenage son called Saxon and she has a four year old son called Spike.

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Marisa Tomei Thinks She’s Too Old To Play Lady Gaga?

mt_twitMarisa Tomei too old to play Lady Gaga? She first started off in the Soap Opera As The World Turns, moving on to The Cosby Show spinoff A Different World, where she gained more fame but now to play vocalist Lady Gaga, she believes that she is just too old. She had taken the suggestion by twenty eight year old Gaga as flattering, if ever a film comes out about her life, however she is adamant that she is not the right person to fill theses shoes. Gaga has also said that friends of hers called her Marrisa when she became angry.

Asked if she would consider the offer, the 46-year-old star told ‘The View’ on Friday (18.04.14):

”I was so flattered and I couldn’t believe she said that. But I was thinking, ‘What kind of movie?’ Is it going to be some avant-garde thing where she goes back in time or I would play her older than she actually is? I don’t understand, is it a ‘(The Curious Case of) Benjamin Button’ thing?”

She told SiriusXM’s ‘The Morning Mash Up’ in February:

”I would have Marisa Tomei play me. I am such a Marisa Tomei fan.

”All my friends call me Marisa when I get angry. Because my New York accent just flies out of my body and I start smacking my gum.”

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